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Behold, guys, the best Criminal Minds fanfic you will ever read. And I mean, THE BEST.

Arrested Quantico

Now is the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one daughter who had no choice but to keep them all together. It's Criminal Minds.


Emily Prentiss is having a rough couple of days. She has been recently appointed the C.E.O. of her family's company, the B.A.U., since her father, Jason Gideon, is currently in prison and awaiting trial for minor treason.



GIDEON (leaning across the table): Emily, I need you to do something for me. (reaches for Emily's hand)

GUARD (yelling): No touching!


Her younger brother Reid is afraid of the dark.



Emily wakes up to find her twin sister JJ in her bed.

EMILY: What the hell are you doing in my bed?

JJ (sleepily): Reid crawled into bed with me and Will last night, and they looked so cute spooning I just let them be.

EMILY: I thought Hotch was supposed to be watching Reid.

JJ: Yeah, but Hotch had to go find someone to teach Gideon a lesson.


In fact, that is exactly what their mother Hotch is doing.



HOTCH: This family doesn't need him. I'll show him. Oh, I'll show him.



Emily arrives at her office to find her father's assistant, Garcia, on the phone with him.

EMILY: Garcia! Garcia, bring me those files I asked for two days ago!

GARCIA : Just a minute, sugarplum, I'm busy talking to your father.

Unable to stomach Garcia's interesting work ethics any longer, Emily storms out of her room, grabs the phone, accidentally overhears her father asking her to "talk him off", and hangs up. And then she says what she has been wanting to say since she took over the company a week ago.

EMILY: That's it, Garcia. You're fired.

GARCIA: You can't fire me. You don't have firing power.

EMILY: I'm the president of the company. That means I can fire you.

GARCIA: No, you can't. I'm your dad's assistant.

EMILY: My dad's in prison.

GARCIA: That's why I'm assisting him.

EMILY: That's too much inform-- you're fired. I can fire you and I just did. So pack your things and go.

GARCIA: You're going to be sorry that you ever did this, Emily Prentiss. And take a good look at these, because it's the last time.



And it is at this time that Emily's other brother, Morgan, decides to drop in for a visit.

MORGAN (staring as Garcia calmly pulls her shirt back down and begins packing her things): What was that?

EMILY: I fired her.

MORGAN: You can't fire her. You don't have firing power.

EMILY: Yes, I do. I'm the president of this goddamn company.

MORGAN: Suit yourself, but you'll be answering Gideon's phone calls from now on.

EMILY: What do you want, Morgan?

MORGAN: I need to borrow the jet.

EMILY: You can't borrow the jet.

MORGAN: You don't even know what I need it for.

EMILY: What do you need it for?

MORGAN: I need to make it disappear.

EMILY (pauses): You can't borrow the jet.

MORGAN: Oh, come on, it's for my act! I'm this close to getting into the Magician's Guild.

EMILY: You can't borrow the jet, and you definitely can't make it disappear.

MORGAN: You don't have jet lending powers! I'm going to go ask Gideon.

EMILY: Go ahead and do that, and while you're there, tell him that I fired Garcia so he can stop calling here!


Meanwhile, Will has found the courage to confront JJ with a secret he has harbored all his life, but never dared to reveal until now.


JJ: What is it?

WILL: I'm a never nude. (He removes his bathrobe.) And I am not ashamed of it!


The phone has been ringing all morning and Emily can barely answer one call when another one comes in.

EMILY: B.A.U., Prentiss speaking.

JJ: My husband is a never nude.

EMILY: A what?

JJ: If you don't want to talk to me, fine. I don't need your attitude. Also, I need to go shopping. Can I drop by later and get my paycheck?

EMILY: Wait, you get a paycheck?

JJ: Yeah, don't you?

EMILY: JJ, I actually work at this company. (off JJ's stunned silence) Look, I need help answering the phones since Garcia's gone.

JJ: What happened to her?

EMILY: I fired her.

JJ: You can't fire her, Emily. You don't have firing power.

EMILY: Why does everyone keep saying that?

JJ: Because you don't. So you'll have my paycheck ready in fifteen?

EMILY: No. No, you will not be getting a paycheck unless you actually work for it. Which you will. You're going to come to the office and answer some phones, young lady.

JJ: (considers) How much time do I get for my lunch break?


While JJ gets ready to go to work for the first time in her life, Morgan, unable to borrow the family's private jet from Emily, heads towards the prison to ask for Gideon's permission. He stops by the model home to pick up his brother Reid, who has severe abandonment issues and has not taken well to Gideon's imprisonment.


REID: I want to see Gideon.

MORGAN: I know, champ. That's what the full-body cavity search we had back there was for.

REID: I want to see Gideon alone. Just the two of us! No one else! I don't want anyone else there!

MORGAN: I don't think we can do that. Unless ...



MORGAN: I would like to request the use of the conjugal trailer.


Back at the B.A.U., JJ is hard at work. By which she means, she has spent most of her time coming up with a new job title for herself.

JJ: I'm thinking I could be called the Communications Co-ordinator instead of, you know, a receptionist.

EMILY: JJ, my phone is lit up like a Christmas tree.

JJ: Oh yeah, Gideon called while you were at a meeting.

EMILY: What'd he say?

JJ: If I clean it up, it's not really a sentence. But the gist of it is that you have to hire Garcia back, because she has access to all sorts of incriminating evidence on us.

EMILY: This is just wonderful.

JJ: Oh, and he said to let Morgan have the jet.


In a desperate attempt to stop Garcia from sending the rest of her family, including herself, to prison, Emily decides to meet Garcia at Senor Tadpole's to hire her back.

GARCIA: You can't hire me back, because I was never actually fired.

EMILY: No, Garcia. You were definitely fired. I was there. I fired you.

GARCIA: No, you didn't, because you don't have firing power.

EMILY: Yes, yes I do have firing power, and I am exercising that power by firing you. Again. Right now.

GARCIA: You are not!

EMILY: I am. I am, and you're fired.

GARCIA: Well, have it your way then, Emily Prentiss, but take a good look at these, because this is the last time you'll be seeing them.

Garcia, once again, lifts up her shirt, and the rest of the world along with Emily stares at her.


Emily returns home after a long, exhausting day of work to find her sister and brothers in the kitchen, eating Chinese takeout. Reid is blissfully rambling about the number of cockroaches in an average restaurant kitchen while JJ tells Morgan about her new career.

EMILY: JJ, here's your paycheck. You did great today, by the way. I'm proud of you.

JJ: Thank you! I'm quitting, actually.

REID: I thought you liked your job.

JJ: Nah, it was really dry and boring. I think I'd rather marry someone rich.

MORGAN: You're already married, JJ.

EMILY: Yeah, where is your husband?

JJ: He's doing research for a role somewhere.



Will, gathering research for his role as Frightened Inmate #2, stares at White Power Bill in horror as Gideon explains the situation to him.

GIDEON: I sold you for a pack of cigarettes.


Just then, Hotch arrives with a stranger in tow.

HOTCH: Kids, I'd like to introduce you to David Rossi. He's going to be your new daddy from now on.

Reid, at once, is mesmerized.

REID (hopefully): Daddy?


On the next Criminal Minds ...

After inviting Rossi into the family to teach Gideon a lesson, Hotch decides to send Rossi away to teach Rossi a lesson.


Rossi can be seen holding a map and studying a charm bracelet in his hand.

Morgan attempts to make the family's private jet banished by tackling it.

MORGAN: Dammit! Disappear!

JJ discovers that she is, in fact, adopted.

JJ: This means I can marry Emily and get all her money!


I believe my job here is done.

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