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I'm only two months behind on my holidays. This fic was originally going to be written for Easter, but I never got past the first two paragraphs, so I gave up and ate a Kinder surprise egg instead. [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ said something the other day that reminded me of this so I went and worked at it from a new angle, just in time for the summer solstice. WIN. There is ONE SENTENCE in this fic that had three people in debate over how to properly construct it. I won't tell you which one, but I will tell you that [livejournal.com profile] metalphoenix and Lo are my awesome, language-nerdy wingmen. Women. Whatever.

Now, Quantum A.J. fic.

Beatrix Potter does not live here. )

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I'm starting to find it glaringly obvious that the relationship between Rory and Lorelai can be pretty durn creepy. There is being best friends with your mom, and then there's talking about your first kiss in detail while your mom is totally excited and enthusiastic and desperate for every juicy detail. And then later on, doesn't Lorelai want Rory to talk to her before she has sex the first time? And even later on (Season 5?), Lorelai asks Rory what birth control she's using?


Whatever, Amy Sherman-Palladino. You're a creepy person who dresses creepily and you will never be able to write another successful show. I hate you for the last 2.5 seasons of GG. Go die.

Oh, speaking of mothers and daughters, here's a snippet of Quantum A.J.! that I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname for that prompt meme way back when. It took forever, sorry. And it's rather heavily-focused on Alex's mother. Weird.

Look! I drawed on me. )

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I'm not only on time today, but almost early. I think this prompt table thing is an excellent exercise. It really appeals to the obsessive-compulsive part of me.

Shenanigans with Quantum A.J.

Cutlery )
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I decided that I needed some A.J. fic today. Sort of part 3 in the series of A.J. ficlets that are based on stupid SVU quotes.

Once upon a time, there was a bright, young attorney. )

Oh, and Cleopatra and Incest Poet have un-broken up. They also got a baby rabbit, which I have named Dallas, in honor of SM's birthplace.

Shut up, it's a good name.

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More spontaneous fic. Quantum A.J., for [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname and whom I will assume to be [livejournal.com profile] saviesa. I could go into detail, but what's the fun in that.

First in a series. In other words, making shit up as I go along.

I don't work for you. You work for me, at my discretion. (And Other Famous Last Words) )

And here's the second, because I like to get ahead of myself.

What it lacks in substance, it makes up for in pretty colors. )

I also have a cute picture of my hamster, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

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Reaper is not bad.

Still need to watch Ugly Betty.

Oh, and yeah, I SURVIVED MY MIDTERM. As to whether or not I passed, well, that's another question altogether, but let's not get into details.

Perhaps I was feeling a little emotionally fragile after my exam, or something, whatever, anyway the point is I wrote A.J. fic. It's more like Gilmore Girls than anything I have ever written, except it's like Gilmore Girls but with the Cabots. And Alex's mom is nothing like Emily. Or something like Emily. I don't know. She's sarcastic and snappy and therefore like every other original character I have ever written. I don't care. Neither do you.

Whatever. IT IS TOTALLY CHEESY AND THAT IS WHY I SHOULD WRITE FOR TV. Damn you, inability to express myself in writing in Chinese! Anyway, this was supposed to be Four Times Alex Wanted to Kill Somebody For Purposes Not Related to Work and One Time She Almost Did, except my first thing got WAY out of hand, so I will just post the first thing now and the other four, like, later. Eventually there will be Lorelai. But the focus is on Alex. And her mommy. And A.J.

Alex took A.J. to her Kindermusik class one time and came home with the feeling that all the other mothers wanted her to die.  )

This one's for you, [livejournal.com profile] aquila1nz!!!

Oh, and Zuzu. For her birthday. Like two weeks ago.
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I asked for Five Things Prompts and [livejournal.com profile] aquila1nz fulfilled her obligation to entertain me. In return, she gets Quantum A.J. fic. It was supposed to be short . . . but it took on a life of its own. I don't know.

five ways a toddler can make even Alex Cabot run late )
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I know I've beem spammy as of late, but in a couple of months, my life will be irrevocably altered and you might NEVER HEAR FROM ME AGAIN. So, I must ramble and bitch while I still can!

No, I'm not pregnant.

Anyhow, I wrote fic! Cracky-cracky-crack fic! Follow up to the crossover within a crossover. This one is weird because it's Alex/Olivia! For reals! And there is a surprise extra crossover! Because my brain is just one mishmash of TV shows!

Take Your Daughter to Work Day )

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So I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] picfor1000 and here is my fic. The picture I was given is this, and, uh, see the subject of the post for more details.

This fic is kind of cracky (but not as cracky as the SPN AU) and completely, utterly, undeniably the fault of one [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname. The premise of it is, toddler A.J. visits Alex in SVU canon. Also, there is vomit. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should stop reading now. No, really.

By now Alex was used to interpreting A.J.'s screams. She could tell the difference between her 'I rammed my head into a wall to see what would happen and now it hurts' scream and her 'How dare you change the channel when I'm watching Dora' scream and her 'I hate you, you are a moron, I want Lorelai' scream. )

And this is why I should stop signing up for challenges.

P.S. Does anyone remember the specific words Roman gladiators used to say before they entered into the arena to kick the shit out of each other? I learned it in Grade 9 but I can't remember it now, and Google is surprisingly unhelpful. Classics majors? Anyone?

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