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I saw Up today and it's pretty amazing. It may be my favorite Pixar film after Finding Nemo. Go watch it if it's still on in theatres, because DVDs wouldn't do it justice. At least, that's what the person I watched it with told me. She's trying to get a job doing computer animation and shit, so I just assume she knows what she's talking about.

Oh, yeah, here are the results of the prompts for Day 1 and 2. Alex has kids and Lorelai has woes. Two totally different universes.

Day 1: The Dark Ages )

Day 2 is bananas and it is over here.

I'm as exhausted as Alex after wrangling half a dozen kids, so I'm gonna call it a night. Happy B.C. Day, livejournal.

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Reaper is not bad.

Still need to watch Ugly Betty.

Oh, and yeah, I SURVIVED MY MIDTERM. As to whether or not I passed, well, that's another question altogether, but let's not get into details.

Perhaps I was feeling a little emotionally fragile after my exam, or something, whatever, anyway the point is I wrote A.J. fic. It's more like Gilmore Girls than anything I have ever written, except it's like Gilmore Girls but with the Cabots. And Alex's mom is nothing like Emily. Or something like Emily. I don't know. She's sarcastic and snappy and therefore like every other original character I have ever written. I don't care. Neither do you.

Whatever. IT IS TOTALLY CHEESY AND THAT IS WHY I SHOULD WRITE FOR TV. Damn you, inability to express myself in writing in Chinese! Anyway, this was supposed to be Four Times Alex Wanted to Kill Somebody For Purposes Not Related to Work and One Time She Almost Did, except my first thing got WAY out of hand, so I will just post the first thing now and the other four, like, later. Eventually there will be Lorelai. But the focus is on Alex. And her mommy. And A.J.

Alex took A.J. to her Kindermusik class one time and came home with the feeling that all the other mothers wanted her to die.  )

This one's for you, [livejournal.com profile] aquila1nz!!!

Oh, and Zuzu. For her birthday. Like two weeks ago.
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Earlier this morning, I realized it was exactly a week after the day I saw Talk Radio, met Steph March, found out it was not as cool as I thought it would be, went home, and held a baby on the flight back to Vancouver.

I said to Zuzu, "I miss my plane baby."

She said, "You need to write plane baby into a fic."

So I did, even though she's probably going to be the only person who reads it, because it is disgusting and squishy and transference-y. But. Here it is. Sort of sequel and prequel to the [livejournal.com profile] bun_in_oven fic.

If Alex had her way, infants and smaller children wouldn't be allowed in Business Class. No, they would be confined to Coach at all times, even if their parents were Donald Trump or Julia Roberts. She kept this thought to herself as her neighbor tempered her baby with a pacifier, because the woman was suffering enough already, and because Lorelai would undoubtedly accuse her of being a terrible human being. )

Y'all probably missed it, since you have LIVES and what not, but CBS was rerunning Jesse Stone: Night Passage, which is the suckiest TV movie in all of history, but in the first seven minutes you get to see SM in all her leopard-skin underwear glory, and that, my friend, is what I call good television.

I want screencaps.
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This time, it's really not my fault. [livejournal.com profile] hostile_driver provided the bare-bones. I just fleshed it out to make it into diabetes-inducing pancreas-destroying baaaaaaabyfic. Seriously. I can't help it if you people keep baiting me.

I might need a goddamn tag for this series, which should not even BE babyfic yet, because it's really pre-babyfic and it's supposed to deal with their weird issues of commitment and political ambition and desire for "the whole package" and shit like that they talk about on TWOP.

Many, many moons after the gummi bear fic.

855 words of pure sap )

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Today is the Cynic Parents' 22nd anniversary, and we will be going out for dinner to celebrate 22 years of wretched misery!

Because I will not be home to talk to the girl, I am posting gummy bear porn ficlet here for her to read while I'm gone. Except it's not really porn, because I can't write porn. And the prompt came from [livejournal.com profile] flying_peanuts so the story is also kind of for her. Oh, and it's sort of a prelude to the goopy futuristic babyfic mentioned in passing, so . . . don't read if your pancreas can't handle it.


I don't mean to imply that your vagina is Oklahoma. )

No turkey basters will be involved. I promise you that much.


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