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We had a five-day weekend here. FIVE DAY WEEKEND. I gotta say, HK sure knows how to milk its holidays. (Gravesweeping festival what? Screw my ancestors; I ate pizza and then played Harvest Moon.) I did venture down the memory lane when I found my old MP3 player and major flashbacks to 2006. So technically I was sweeping the grave of dead music. Or something. Whatever. Also discovered amongst the ruins of my previous Canadian life: an A.J. kidfic written four years ago. It's not as bad as I remembered. In fact, it's probably better than the shit I write now, which is mostly FUCK FUCK FUCKERS WE'RE COUNTERCLAIMING FUCK SEE YOU IN FUCKING COURT MOTHERFUCKERS.

Brief recap: this is the original A.J. universe in which Alex had a baby when she was 16 and Lorelai is desperately in love with her but they are horrid bitches to each other and much angst ensues. Not my favorite universe, probably because Chad doesn't exist in it.

tales of a fourth grade nothing )

Okay, that was a little disgusting with its child-like earnestness. I'll be back to Chad and his giving Kristen Bell the clap tomorrow.

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Happy birthday, A.J.! I've never felt so much affection for a fictional toddler as I feel about you. Technically, you're my age, but in my head you're always about two. Also, you're cooler than Rory. And have better hair. Don't grow up to sleep with married ex-boyfriends or steal boats.

Fuck, I realize most of you will have no idea what this fic is about because I left out a whole chunk of explanation. Whatever. The prequel is in my memories and tags, and what you have to know is that Alex got pregnant by Elliot when she was 16. Lorelai is someone Alex meets in the hospital and she helps Alex raise A.J., basically. Except because they are Alex and Lorelai, they act like selfish emo brats and are generally horrible to each other. The rest you should be able to figure out.

Title from a poem by Gregory Di Prinzio.

angsty angsty angggggstcakes )

Yeah, I don't know. Not having Rory really fucked Lorelai up. Back to regular pregnant!Claire.

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I know I've beem spammy as of late, but in a couple of months, my life will be irrevocably altered and you might NEVER HEAR FROM ME AGAIN. So, I must ramble and bitch while I still can!

No, I'm not pregnant.

Anyhow, I wrote fic! Cracky-cracky-crack fic! Follow up to the crossover within a crossover. This one is weird because it's Alex/Olivia! For reals! And there is a surprise extra crossover! Because my brain is just one mishmash of TV shows!

Take Your Daughter to Work Day )

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So I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] picfor1000 and here is my fic. The picture I was given is this, and, uh, see the subject of the post for more details.

This fic is kind of cracky (but not as cracky as the SPN AU) and completely, utterly, undeniably the fault of one [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname. The premise of it is, toddler A.J. visits Alex in SVU canon. Also, there is vomit. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should stop reading now. No, really.

By now Alex was used to interpreting A.J.'s screams. She could tell the difference between her 'I rammed my head into a wall to see what would happen and now it hurts' scream and her 'How dare you change the channel when I'm watching Dora' scream and her 'I hate you, you are a moron, I want Lorelai' scream. )

And this is why I should stop signing up for challenges.

P.S. Does anyone remember the specific words Roman gladiators used to say before they entered into the arena to kick the shit out of each other? I learned it in Grade 9 but I can't remember it now, and Google is surprisingly unhelpful. Classics majors? Anyone?

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Background information: This fic is set in the universe where Alex and Lorelai switch places, and Alex has a baby at 16. I'd explain more, but it would take forever, so just read it. I'll answer questions later. The fic is narrated by Alex's daughter, A.J. Cabot, age 10, and it's Alex/Lorelai with overtones of Alex/Elliot and Elliot/Olivia. Fin, Munch, Casey, and even Liz Donnelly make guest appearances.

Ten Important Events in A.J. Cabot's Life )

in case you were wondering, this is what A.J. looks like )


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