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Hey, remember how in 2003, everyone was writing SVU fic, and I waited until 2006 to do it? And then! Remember how in 2007, everyone was writing Criminal Minds fic, and I was writing SVU fic?

GUESS WHAT? It's 2012 and I am finally writing Criminal Minds fic!

Yeah, I don't know, I started this when I was on vacation and I managed to have no internet connection, no USB, and pretty much no way of transferring a word document off my 9-year-old computer, so I had to write it by hand. The bitch of it is, there are 13 parts to it, and goddamn by part 3 I was not only bored but also suffered from repetitive stress injury. Maybe someday I'll finish parts 4 to 13, but for now here's 1 to 3.

I probably should've mentioned this earlier, but this is the Criminal Minds AU that is a loose adaptation (really quite loose, I'd even say) of Gilmore Girls. I probably should mention this now, but there are totally Rossi/Prentiss overtones to it. Sorry, dude. Otherwise it is perfectly safe gen.

where you lead, i will follow

13 ways of looking at Emily Prentiss as a mother

1 | 2 | 3

ETA 5 August 2012 - I am literally too fucking lazy to do all the formatting here, so this fic from now on is only being updated at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/461251

Look, I almost made it to the end of a whole post without bitching about how much I hate my job!


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